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Sofa care tips

Many people are afraid to buy light-colored upholstered furniture in the house, considering it too branded. After all, the slightest contamination can break the aesthetic appearance of the sofa. As a consequence, frequent washing is required. However, white with its many shades give the living room light, airiness, add respectability to the space and visually expand it. Therefore, a little dirt is no reason to give up on light-colored furniture. It is the same with other colors, but in soft upholstery. The presence of soft fabric discourages buyers – how to clean a fabric couch? But everything is not so difficult!

● Eating on the couch is taboo
Talk to your household about the fact that eating on the couch is not recommended, as the fabric absorbs all stains in an instant. If you're hosting a large party in the living room and use the sofa as extra seating due to a lack of chairs, you can't avoid grease stains or spilled drinks, so cleaning fabric couch consequently. If food or drinks fall on the sofa, you need to use a vacuum cleaner, mild gentle chemicals and water right away. If stains appear on the upholstery, remove them immediately. To preserve the beauty and integrity of fabric or leather upholstery, it is necessary to use one type of stain remover. Do not mix different types of chemicals and treat the sofa with the mixture, as this can lead to the deterioration of the product.

● Direct sunlight
Any product exposed to direct sunlight will gradually burn out, especially if it is a brightly colored fabric. In this case, it is recommended to move the furniture away from direct sunlight, turn the cushions over and over, cover the sofa with a throw blanket or even fabric covers.

● Children and pets
If you have small children and pets in the family, your couch may get stains from organic liquids that not only make the surface dirty, but also emit unpleasant odors. Regular dry cleaning fabric couch with a vacuum cleaner can keep your sofa upholstery bright. If stains have formed on the surface, you should remove the dirt immediately. To remove spilled liquids from the surface of the sofa you should use a dry sponge. Warm soapy water applied to the stains will help to clean the fabric completely.

Tips for Protecting Your Sofa from Damage

When buying a sofa, it is necessary to study the documentation that is attached to the product by the manufacturer. The instructions indicate how to properly clean a couch. To preserve the attractive appearance of upholstered furniture, it is important to provide a product with proper care from the first days of use. Special attention should be paid to sofas in the kitchen and in the children's room. Due to the functional features of these rooms, furniture gets dirty faster there in comparison to the living room or office. Regular quality cleaning fabric couch will prolong life term and maintain the attractiveness of the sofa. There are rules for the care of items of upholstered furniture, which should be put into practice.

● Physical exposure
The sofa, like the upholstery, can wear out from physical impact. If your sofa is many, many years old, it is advisable to choose covers or change the upholstery. By the way, this solution can freshen up the room, because if you have leather couch damage, you can choose corduroy or any other upholstery.

● Observe simple safety rules
Be careful with your furniture. Do not pull the handles or drawers too hard, do not jump on the sofa and check the condition of the moving parts of the furniture. Do not move furniture on the floor - this can cause it to break and damage the floor.


There is a fabric sofa in every home. It's popular because of its wide range of colors and textures, as well as quite affordable prices compared to leather ones. Due to the plenty of models, this furniture is easy to pick up so that it fits into the existing interior. The presence of children, pets, or just the habit of eating on the sofa in front of the TV, leads to the fact that the upholstery needs frequent cleaning fabric couch from a variety of stains, dust and dirt.