Verdant story begun more than a decade ago in a small industrial town in Ukraine

The furniture industry is plagued with shipping delays, supply shortages and subpar quality that doesn’t meet expectations. Buying furniture should bring joy, but instead it caused frustration.

We wanted to ease the life of the client and make it an easy and stressless purchase!


Furniture - the soul of your home!

P.S. Inspired by the book “Screw It, Let’s Do It” by Richard Branson, we found our name Verdant that associates our furniture with greenery and something natural, but also us as inexperienced and green guys in the world of business that just started out!

That’s where the idea and the history of Verdant was born.

A decade has passed since Verdant Furniture began its journey, and today, we stand firm on the path of success. With our own manufacturing facility, meticulous quality control at every step, and unwavering focus on the minutest details, we have crafted a reputation for excellence. Our products boast premium materials such as natural solid wood, Blum hardware, and eco-friendly lacquers. Yet, what truly sets us apart is the soul poured into each piece by our skilled craftsmen, employing time-honoured carpentry techniques to handcraft every item.