Responsive Design

General tips on furniture arrangement

Kitchen can be called one of the most difficult areas in terms of furniture arrangement. To place furniture in the kitchen correctly, taking into account all the elementary rules of safety and ergonomics, it seems not so easy. But if you make a plan in advance and think through the location of each item, consider several options and carefully analyze them, the task is simplified and turns into a creative and exciting process.

● Sketch out a plan for the future arrangement of all furniture and appliances
To begin with, you need to measure all the parameters of the kitchen and transfer them to scale on a piece of paper or in a special application. On the plan, don't forget to mark the location of windows and doors, as well as all communications. Now you can start thinking about the layout of all the zones in the kitchen and each item separately.
● Zoning
Zoning any space is the key to success. Will your kitchen have a sofa, dining room tv, or will the dining area be moved into the l shaped living and dining room? You need to know the answers to all the questions.
If you have a kitchen-living room, you are a very lucky person! Combining a cooking space with a living room is a popular option in today's dwelling. It is a spacious place that allows you to have the kitchen and guest area in the same room. To separate the place of cooking from the guest area you can make a bar counter or a narrow shelving unit. The arrangement in this way will give the opportunity to zone the space.
● Kitchen and dining room stylistics
If the dining area and kitchen area will be in the same place, think about a unified style of the room. If we are talking about a small kitchen in a city apartment, it is better to use minimalist styles in its design. It is not necessary to flood the kitchen with a large number of decorative elements, as well as use furniture of complex shapes. The final choice of style, in which the kitchen will be decorated, depends on the individual preferences of the owners, but it is recommended to take into account the general interior of the apartment, so that the kitchen organically fits into it.

Basic rules of furniture arrangement

Depending on the size of the kitchen, personal needs and the number of family members, there are very different requirements for layout, storage space and capacity. You can store all the necessary kitchen utensils and food in the usual cupboards and drawers, or in rather unexpected places. The corner dining table set can be placed by a window or along a wall. The main thing is to follow the key principles.

● Facades and cabinets
The most economical variant of the kitchen set arrangement is straight, when the working surface is stretched along one wall. It is used in small rooms to save square meters and allocate space for the dining area. It is also suitable for those who do not cook much and keep a minimum of necessary items in the kitchen.
The L-shaped kitchen is successfully arranged in both large and small rooms. It allows the most functional use of space. If the room is small, the working surface is made of standard width - the sink and stove are placed there.
Tiered trays can be used in drawers and desks to optimize storage: they will hold many more items, keep them neatly stacked and easy to find.

● Home appliance layout
The "working triangle" rule is the basis of kitchen layout. It is quite simple, its essence is to arrange the three main zones as conveniently and ergonomically as possible. When installing stationary large appliances, operational requirements and safety regulations must be taken into account. Convenience must also be considered. The hob or stove is installed under the ventilation outlet by default, so that an extractor hood can be connected. The refrigerator should not be installed near the stove, but not too far away from the other two working areas.

How to Arrange Furniture in Your Dining Room

The rules of furniture arrangement in the kitchen are primarily dictated by utilities: the whole composition is built around the corner dining table set, stove, refrigerator and sink. It is also necessary to think about the storage: the kitchen is a place for storing food and all kinds of utensils. To be able to properly organize the functional processes, and also add a place for a corner dining table set, use the main principles of working with the space of a kitchen.

● Where to place the table?
If the kitchen is quite tiny, then the dining table can be folding, and can be folded against the wall for a while. Even a bar counter can play the role of a dining table. The table can become an extension of the window sill, and at a meal you can admire the scenery outside the window. Another popular option is to place the table in the middle of the room. The rest of the furniture can be arranged in any way you like, the main thing is that there is room for free movement. The L shaped living room dining room layout allows your imagination to run wild - in such a space you can put the table by the window (if there is one), along the wall or in the middle, if the space allows. A corner dining table set will be a great way out of the situation of how to arrange furniture.

● Kitchen with island. Correct furniture layout.
If you have an apartment or a house with a kitchen of twelve or more square meters, it will be spacious, even if you take out the main components of furniture in the center of the room. It will be convenient for the housewife if you put a large work table in the middle, and arrange a sink here.
Variants of furniture arrangement in this case can be diverse and unusual. Hanging shelves, cabinets can be arranged on the side of the window. The width of the central part of the headset should not be less than 1 meter. Length - according to the possibility of the room. On the opposite side of the "island" a small semicircular bar counter with high stools will look very stylish. Then it will be possible to avoid buying a separate corner dining table set.


In a comfortable arrangement of the kitchen the great value is determined not by the square meters, but by the correct arrangement of furniture according to a well-thought-out scheme, and a competent choice of built-in appliances. The kitchen in a standard apartment is usually not distinguished by large dimensions, so the stove, washing machine, microwave should correspond to the dimensions of the room. In the kitchen, the housewife works most of the time, so the main principle is convenience.