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Tips on how to organize a small kitchen

The kitchen is quite rightly considered a special place in every apartment. Therefore, no matter how many square meters you have at your disposal, you can organize it in a stylish and functional way. The most important thing in organizing the interior for a small room is to choose the right color. Choose shades that will visually enhance the space.
● Correct placement
In small areas, it is also recommended to observe the triangle rule. Modern versions of kitchen sets (including modular designs) are characterized by sufficient functionality and capacity. Outwardly compact and neat, such furniture sets allow you to hide everything you need, and even a little more. Therefore, a properly selected kitchen + the rule of the triangle = workspace!
● Take up all the space
All cabinets should be used. Organizing the kitchen, remember that the furniture should cope with two tasks: to be functional and minimalist. There should not be unnecessary interior items, and those that are available, should easily deal with the storage of everything you need. If the height of the ceilings allows, install an additional upper row of storage drawers, where you can put household appliances that are not used daily.
● High-quality materials
The quality materials that the kitchen is made of will allow it to continue its lifetime for many years to come. Don't forget about additional lighting. In modern design there are independent sources of light, which, in addition to functionality, will bring originality and coziness to the space. And the economy on floors is not worth it, because the kitchen is a place where we spend 80 percent of our time, so the floor should be of high quality and durable. As for the table and chairs, it is best to choose a corner dining table set.

Important things to know before buying a kitchen set and everything else!

In order for the kitchen to be convenient and functional, even at the planning stage you need to think about the l shaped living room dining room layout of appliances. When planning a renovation in an apartment with limited space, it is necessary to carefully calculate everything. If it is impossible to place all the elements of household appliances in l shaped living and dining room to create a functional space, you can use the following tricks:

● Install a cooktop instead of a stove, and build a dishwasher underneath it;
● choose multifunctional appliances, for example, an oven with a microwave function;
● maximize the use of corner space;
● provide additional sections for small appliances in cupboards with or without pull-out shelves.

If the family is not large, it is not necessary to organize a full-fledged dining area, just a bar counter. This design move will make the room functional and original. If there are small children living in the apartment, it is better to give preference to furniture with rounded corners. This design solution is not only practical and safe, but also creative.

Small kitchen - furniture layout

Always take measurements. Measure the length of the walls, take into account overhangs, niches, the location of outlets and vents. In a typical kitchen space, they can be located anywhere. Carefully measure the kitchen furniture, the parameters of the sink, washing machine, dishwasher. Locate them close to the drain pipe and water supply. It is necessary to try not to leave these communications in plain sight. After measuring the area of the room with niches and the dimensions of the furniture, draw up a plan of furnishings on paper.

If you are wondering - how to arrange furniture in living room dining room combo? You can always see interesting references from designers and find interesting solutions with us!

Turnkey solutions

The perfect organization of the kitchen space requires attention to detail. The kitchen is not only a place for cooking and eating, but also a part of the living space where the family gathers. Small spaces and non-standard layout presuppose a rational approach when completing the furniture. The optimal solution is to buy a made-to-order kitchen in the required configuration.

That is why many people prefer ready-made solutions that will make life much easier!
A wide range of modular designs allows you to assemble a suitable option, taking into a count the peculiarities of space. The ability to compose the headset independently provides an ideal organization of the space. In such a kitchen the housewife will have everything she needs at her fingertips. Every piece of equipment will find its place.


Everything should be at hand, the design of the furnishings, accessories should give a good mood. Even in the smallest kitchen there should be space for free movement. A large kitchen is sometimes combined with a l shaped living and dining room. Before decorating the space you should learn how to arrange the furniture in the kitchen and do it correctly. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!