Responsive Design

This is an interesting problem: there is a small bedroom - how to arrange the furniture in it? The condition: you can not clutter the room, your room needs to have a bed, bedside tables or dresser, and preferably also a closet. The task is complicated by the layout: the shape of the room (narrow or square), the location of doors and windows, the presence of niches. Is it real to cope with all this without the help of a professional interior designer? Of course! If you know the main rules for how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room.

General tips

● In a small bedroom, you can't use bright saturated colors or complex patterns. The best solution for how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom – moderate, pastel shades and simple ornaments.

● Vertical patterns will visually make the room higher, and visually raise the ceilings.
Horizontal ornaments will work well in a small narrow room.
The alternation of light and dark wallpaper will help to visually increase the area of the room.

● The shade of the floor should slightly contrast with the color of the furniture and harmoniously combine with the design of the walls. For a small room, experts advise choosing hardwood or vinyl flooring with a diagonal pattern - again, in order to visually expand the area.

The main options for arranging furniture in a small bedroom
Let's first determine the furniture in the bedroom you can not live without. It is with it that we will deal in an attempt to distribute everything competently and conveniently:
● Soft bed;
● Closet;
● A dresser, bedside tables;
● Mirror.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Bedroom

If a large closet is already in another room, then it is not necessary to put the same in the bedroom, you can do with a dresser for the most necessary things, for example, for storing linen. When the area of the bedroom allows, it is completed with a banquette, ottoman, vanity table. When arranging all this furniture in the room, it is important to adhere to certain rules.
You need to create as much storage space as possible, and use the space that is usually unused for this purpose. So, the whole bed can be surrounded by shelves, and use the space under the bed for storing things and linens, but in this case it is necessary to choose in advance a model of bed with a spacious niche. Thus, you have enough space, and the dresser can be abandoned. In extreme cases, you can organize above the bed a small shelf for storing the most necessary things.

The distance between the bed and the dresser

● Even in the smallest bedroom between pieces of furniture there should remain a passage of at least half a meter, otherwise you have to stumble on the foot of the bed. Be sure to keep this in mind when wondering how to arrange bedroom furniture in a rectangular room.
In front of the dresser it is desirable to leave a space a meter wide, so that you can stand in front of it, and fully extend the drawers when necessary.

● Draw out the plan on paper
Before you bring furniture into the bedroom and try to immediately determine the place for it, measure the room, make a schematic sketch on paper or in an online planner and try to "arrange" the furniture first schematically. It's much easier to move things around on paper than in reality.

● Consider the number of square meters
9 square meters - is the standard for a bedroom for two people. If the meterage is less, you need to think about an additional source of air supply and exhaust ventilation. Of course, on 9 squares, it is better not to put any furniture except a chest of drawers or a couple of nightstands. But when you think in advance how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room - you can immediately lay a lot of storage space in niches (if available) or think through a multifunctional closet.

How to visually expand the space in a small bedroom?

Forgo elaborate décor in favor of simple and practical items. Add a shelf above the headboard or on the adjacent wall to put your favorite books there. Find a place for a mirror, but so that people who are sleeping are not reflected in it (they say it's not feng shui). Choose textiles of gentle, light shades, so that the room is cozy, but not overloaded. Be sure to use several lamps in addition to the main light source.
All this together will help you create a harmonious interior, in which it will be comfortable to relax and be filled with energy.

● Turnkey solutions
If you are not ready for design experiments and simply do not know how to arrange bedroom furniture in a square room - our company offers ready-made solutions that will pleasantly surprise you! Our customers always get exactly what they want, so quality is guaranteed. We have solutions for every taste - for both small and large bedrooms.

● Conclusions
Modern housing is a mix of compactness and functionality. Regardless of the size of your apartment, you can always plan its space in such a way that it will be comfortable for all members of the family. The bedroom is one of the main rooms in the house, because, according to statistics, a third of a person's life is spent there.
Small-sized rooms in modern new buildings often put the owners in a deadlock, forcing them to abandon some items of furniture. However, it is not necessary to do this at all, it is enough to competently arrange the interior items. And then the question of how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom will be solved easily and simply.